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Beautiful Beautiful World - Lyrics

From the story "The Diary of Adam and Eve" from the musical "The Apple Tree"

I see animals and birds and flowers,
Every color, every shape and size;
Moss and pebbles and a host of wonders,
Gleaming everywhere I aim my eyes.
So if ever I'm attacked by boredom,
I'll just open up my eyes and see
This diversified, curious, fascinating, bountiful,
Beautiful, beautiful world.

I hear chattering and I hear chirping,
Whistling, murmuring and horks and snorts;
If I simply take the time to listen.
I hear music of a thousand sorts.
So if ever I would rest my eyes,
My ears could easily describe to me
This diversified, curious, fascinating bountiful,
Beautiful, beautiful world.

World, thank you very much,
for all I see, hear, taste and touch;
Plus every whiff - I sniff.

Still it's possible a day may come
When momentarily the world wears thin;
If I'm weary of the world outside me,
I can always take a good look in.
For along with every cloud and cobweb,
I'm emphaticaly a member of
This diversified, curious, fascinating bountiful,
Beautiful beautiful world I love!

Pictures comming soon.


Please send me a helping hand. I shure would like someone to help me through. You know the ways...
I love you.

Mar. 14th, 2009

I am here in this incarnation for many reasons... no one stands in importance to any other reason, I don't think, but ONE of them, I do believe, is to pass a message along to future generations. Funny thing is I'm not sure what that message is. I think it's a message that's meant for kids. The other funny thing is that I don't have much patience, tolerance or interest in children. I understand how valuable children are for making change in the world.

I've been doing a lot of research on Jim Henson and I honestly have to say that I look up to him as a hero. When i've been asked that question, I had say that my parents were my heros for the awesome upbringing I had. But now I can add Jim Henson, or at least the vision he believed in, on that list as well.

From WIKI sources:

Jim Henson articulated a vision of Fraggle Rock as depicting a colourful and fun world. Also a world with a relatively complex system of symbiotic relationships between different "races" of creatures, an allegory to the human world, where each group was somewhat unaware of how interconnected and important they were to one another. Creating this allegorical world allowed the program to entertain and amuse while seriously exploring complex issues of prejudice, spirituality, personal identity, environment, and social conflict.[1] Fraggle Rock generally refused to over-simplify any individual issue, instead simply illustrating the consequences and inherent difficulties of different actions and relationships.[1]

The internationality of Fraggle Rock informed the whole tone of the show. The knowledge that it would reach children all over the world prompted Jim Henson to suggest that the show be about conflict resolution, with the ultimately ambitious goal of helping to stop war. This in turn led to the notion of different kinds of creatures who have to learn to live together.
Someone should compile a list of all the best sceens from the various Harry Potter movies. Consider the accuracy to the book. Find which movie sceenes best captured the mood as presented in the novels. I just watched the scene where Harry and Voldemort duel in the graveyard just after Voldomort had been reboorn. I'd start my list there. I wonder why they halted the release of the 6th movie. It was slated for November of 2008. What gives? Are they spacing out the next ones to help with the themepark island they are building?
Just checkin' in. It's Wednesday A.M. and I'm at work.

The car is sick and crippled. My finances are scraping the bottom of the barrel. My social life is dwindling. But I'm ok! I'm keeping my head up. I am employed and very happy with my job. I am making money and I have health coverage.

I wish I had a plan that I knew would carry me thru to financial recovery. I do not know how to start going about formulating the plan. I want it to work effortlessly. I want finincal recovery without having to put more energy into it than I currenly am. I don't want to have to get another job (although I would not mind selling some of my handcraft stuff... Hmmm) I believe that with my pay and my level of lifestyle, I should be able to get myself out of the hole I find myself in.

I think I'm officially going to try and create stock of my craftworks, take pics of them and see if I can start selling them online. I'm puttin that on the radar!

Ok, back to work! Huzzah!

My latest obsession...

Cazwell... I'm LOVIN it.

Baby, it's all over your face, tell me how does it taste?
When the lights go off and your head goes down, don't let a drop go to waste.
Baby it's all over your face, looks like ya been eatin' paste.
I came too close in your direction, DNA on your complexion...

If you like it, lick it, slurp it, slide it, shake it, bake it, stir it, fry it...
Scream my name out as you ride it, "I'm so excited and I just can't hide it!"


The power steering fluid crapped out of the bottom of my car.  The engine sounds like it's grinding gravel.  I can't push the car above 25 mph without it sounding like it's going to crumble to dust.

So... I got my exercise by walking to work today.  25 mins.  It's not too bad.  At least I know I'll be getting two 25 min cardio sessions in every day from now until I can afford to get my car fixed.  Thank the gods I live in Florida, the weather is always walkable.


Do not eat anything, not even a simple bowl of oatmeal, and look at naked pictures of Colton Ford.  No.  Heck, don't look at pictures of ANY porn star right after you've eaten.  A full belly will make you feel like the biggest cow.  One look at his rock hard abs and a betraying thought reflecting upon the hot ball of doughy carbohydrates in your belly will make you feel like a dreadful failure in the pursuit of slimming down and creating the body you've always wanted for yourself.  You will feel like your goal is years away.  And the irony is it's just OATMEAL!  It's HEALTHY!  It's not like it was a Whopper or a Quarter Lb. Burrito.

At any rate, the lesson in this story is to look at his picture AFTER you are done at the gym.  Look at his picture as you jerk off.  Visualize him grinding his hips inches in front of your face in your dreams... but DO NOT look at pictures of him right after or while you eat.  It is very discouraging to see what you want and feel a different way EVEN in the pursuit of the goal.

I'm ok.  Perspective.  I'd REALLY like to have somone personally training ME.  It's no fun training yourself.  I'd at least like a serious workout partner.  What i'd really Really REALLY like is someone to share relationship AND a health and fitness lifestyle together.


Happy Tuesday.

I've been busy at work; too busy to log eating and exercise.  I have switched to a small journal book to log the gym activity.  It's hard. I'm hoping my new MuscleDaddyBear friend will be able to tutor me at the gym but we workout in different locations.  I may join golds if it's affordable in order to work out with him.  /shrug

The eating comes and goes.  On one hand, I want to eat as little as possible.  On the other hand, I need to eat in a surplus to gain muscle mass.  I just need to eat healthy often and high protein.  It's just not that easy.  It's a battle.  I'm mindful of it.

Been privately logging some of my more sexually adventerous activities.  After some particularly good sex, I'll usually sit down and record what I remember as an erotic porn story.  I've got about 3 or 4 so far.  I need to find a community to post it in.